Just like people, pets sometimes require rehabilitation services.

Rehabilitation may be needed following a serious injury or surgery. It is also sometimes recommended when animals are suffering from orthopedic or neurological conditions. We may recommend it as a means of helping combat obesity and improve cardiovascular health, too. At Chino Valley Animal Hospital, we offer expert animal rehabilitation in Chino Valley to help your dog or cat recover from illnesses or injury quickly and safely.


Our team is dedicated to helping your pet heal and return to their normal routine as quickly as possible, which is why we offer a wide variety of animal rehabilitation services. Canine hydrotherapy offers relief from chronic conditions, weight loss assistance and post-­operative therapy. Our Tudor underwater treadmill is designed to handle dogs of all sizes, and it helps them exercise with minimal impact.

The Tudor underwater treadmill improves range of motion, respiratory function, and cardiovascular performance while aiding in pain management and reducing swelling and stiffness. It also increases muscle mass. We can operate the treadmill from a digital keypad with controls for water levels, inclines of up to six degrees and real time speed. This allows us to develop a comprehensive and safe hydrotherapy plan for your pet when you choose us for animal rehabilitation in Prescott Valley.


We also offer general physical therapy, acupuncture, and high intensity laser therapy. We use the K-Laser to reduce inflammation and promote healing in wounds and soft tissue injuries. The K-Laser is safe and is used to improve circulation and reduce pain. Pets feel no pain during treatment, either, and the results are often astounding.

If your pet is in need of animal rehabilitation in Prescott or the surrounding areas, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and the modalities we use to help companion animals recover from injuries, illnesses, obesity, and more. Even if your pet just isn’t getting around as well as he or she used to due to age, rehabilitation services can help. Schedule an appointment, and together, we will create a detailed therapy plan that is right for your pet’s needs.


We provide animal rehabilitation for Chino Valley, Prescott, Prescott Valley and surrounding area pet owners.

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