Just like us, our furry companions need to have their teeth professionally cleaned and examined from time to time.

In fact, routine pet dental care is an important investment in your pet’s overall health. Pet dental care in Chino Valley helps keep your cat or dog looking and feeling their best, and it’s an important step in ensuring your companion’s overall health and well-being.


Scheduling a free dental examination with a vet tech can help you decide what type of dental care is suitable for your pet. We offer comprehensive pet dental care in Prescott, and we will help you determine which services are right for your companions. Our veterinary team offers a standard scale and polish under anesthesia to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy, as well as tooth extractions and other oral surgeries. Our expert pet dental care options provide the best service at an affordable price, including full-­mouth digital x-­rays. For routine dental cleanings, we also apply Oravet plaque prevention to keep your pet’s teeth plaque-­free longer.


Periodontal disease is common in aging pets and causes much more than just unpleasant breath. It can lead to infection, difficulty eating, and behavioral issues. It can even lead to problems in other parts of the body. While some animals and breeds are more susceptible to problems than others, it is important to seek routine dental care to avoid serious health issues, like heart and kidney disease, and to ensure that your pet is not experiencing pain or discomfort.

Pet dental care is about so much more than giving your dog or cat a photo-ready smile. Without proper pet dental care in Prescott Valley, animals are susceptible to periodontal disease that can lead to problems ranging from mouth pain and difficulty eating to organ disease. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


We provide pet dental care for Chino Valley, Prescott, Prescott Valley and surrounding area pet owners.

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