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Pet Dental Care in Prescott

What You Need to Know About Pet Dental Care in Prescott

Have you ever been woken up with a lick to the face by your favorite furry companion? Aside from the early hour and the demand for breakfast, it can be kind of sweet. That is, unless your canine or feline friend has some of that notorious bad breath. But what causes the stink, and are there ways to avoid it? It turns out your don’t have to resign yourself to smelly pets! If you get your animal proper pet dental care in Prescott, you can in fact live (mostly) stink-free.




What Causes Bad Breath?

For cats, dogs and humans too, bad breath is usually caused by bacteria that builds up on the teeth in a film. Do you remember how different your teeth feel after you visit the dentist for a cleaning? The hygenist scrapes off the plaque and tartar that builds up in a hard layer. The same is true for your pets! If you like feeling nice and clean after an appointment, just imagine how your cat or dog feels when they finally get good pet dental care here in Prescott.


Keep in mind that there could be alternative health reasons your pet has bad breath. This includes kidney disease, diabetes, ingesting an environmental or household toxin, low quality pet food and tumors. Plaque and tartar can also cause more severe oral health problems on their own. A quality veterinarian can help you determine if all your pet needs is a thorough cleaning or if the problem runs deeper than that.


At Home Remedies vs. Professional Dental Care

There are plenty of tools, toys, chewies, sticks, bones, and anything else you can think of out there made to help you keep your pet’s teeth clean. And while many of these work well for some pets in the short term, most cats and dogs will still need to find good pet dental care here in Prescott. Think of it this way: even though your brush (and even floss!) regularly, you still have to go into your dentist’s for a deeper clean. While your daily routine staves off cavities and daily bad breath, plaque and tartar can still build up.


If you have any questions about pet dental care options here in Prescott, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time at Chino Valley Animal Hospital.



Pet Dental Care in Prescott

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