House Call Veterinarian

Whether you are a pet parent to a dog, cat or you own livestock, you may need a vet who can

Perhaps you need help with a large animal that cannot be transported to a clinic, or you may have a dog that is unable to travel due to injury or illness. Or, you may simply find it too difficult to travel across town with your pet due to your own mobility issues. Whatever the case, we can offer mobile services.

There are several situations in which you might need a veterinarian who makes house calls.

These are some services we can offer at your home:

emergency treatment
routine vaccinations
wellness exams
euthanasia services
Basic Procedures
and more

a great option

For domestic, large, and exotic animals who do not have the option of visiting our clinic for their veterinary needs, we offer veterinary house calls. A vet will come to your residence and provide wellness exams, vaccines and any basic procedures that do not require full anesthesia. Choosing a house call veterinarian in Chino Valley can be a great option for animals who are excessively stressed by travel, have mobility problems, or do not get along well with other animals and/or people. It is also a convenient choice for multi-­pet households because we can examine more than one pet during each visit. We also offer in­-home euthanasia services, which provides a more comforting end of life experience for you and your pet.


Mobile veterinary services are also ideal for people who own horses, cattle, or other types of livestock. Moving these large animals can be difficult, and they are often easier to treat at home. At Chino Valley Animal Hospital, we are equipped to treat both domestic pets and livestock at your location. If you are in need of a house call veterinarian in Chino Valley, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a highly qualified veterinarian and to learn more about our available services and rates for house calls.

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