Pet Physical Therapy
in Prescott Valley, AZ

At Chino Valley Animal Hospital, we are here to provide physical therapy for dogs, cats, and all pets near Yavapai County. If your pet is injured, recovering from surgery, or dealing with a chronic condition, our animal hospital is well equipped to help your pet recover and manage their pain using laser therapy and hydrotherapy.

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What Is Laser Therapy?

Our hospital utilizes the K-Laser to apply concentrated, low-level infrared light to penetrate your pet’s soft tissues and increase cell metabolism. This treatment is safe, non-invasive, and painless for pets. Laser therapy helps to: • Lessen inflammation • Stimulate healing within wounds or soft tissue injuries • Lower pain • Increase circulation The number of sessions may vary depending on your pet’s condition and their response to treatment. Some pets experience significant results after one or two sessions of laser therapy, while others may require more sessions to see substantial changes.

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Chino Valley Animal Hospital can also provide dog hydrotherapy as a physical therapy treatment using the Tudor underwater treadmill. Your veterinarian uses a digital keypad to control water levels, inclines of up to six degrees, and real time speed to customize your pet’s treatment plan to best suit their needs. If your canine is recovering from surgery, managing a chronic condition, or weight loss, they may benefit from dog hydrotherapy. Utilizing hydrotherapy provides a variety of advantages for your dog, including: • Improving range of motion • Enhancing respiratory and cardiovascular function • Managing pain • Reducing swelling and stiffness • Expanding muscle mass

If you’re looking for pet physical rehabilitation services near Yavapai County, look no further than Chino Valley Animal Hospital. We utilize state of the art technology to help improve your pet’s condition and quality of life through dog or cat physical therapy. Not sure if your pet may be a candidate for either of our physical therapy options? Contact Chino Valley Animal Hospital to schedule your pet’s appointment today.

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