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Grooming your pet is important not only for appearance, but also for the pet’s physical health as well.

Allow your pet to look and feel their best with our professional all­breed pet grooming near Prescott Valley! Regular grooming is an important part of pet ownership. While many dogs and cats do a pretty good job of cleaning themselves, they still need some help from their human companions from time to time. They need to have their nails and coats trimmed to ensure both their comfort and their health. They may also need things like ear cleaning, treatment for fleas or ticks, anal gland expression and other services. 

Grooming sessions

Our pet grooming service near Prescott provides nail trims, styled cuts, and shave-downs, as well as ear cleaning and anal gland expression. We use HydroSurge bathing units, which reduces bathing time, gets the shampoo through thick layers of fur and provides a stress-­reducing water massage. We strive to make each grooming session as time-efficient and stress-free for both you and your pet as possible.

When you bring your dog or cat to us for pet grooming in Chino Valley, we use only the best and safest products. Our products include all-­natural bathing shampoos as well as medicated and hypoallergenic shampoos for special needs. Our grooming kennels will ensure that your pet stays clean while they dry. By utilizing our clinic as your go-to groomer, we will be able to examine your pet’s nails, skin, and coat during this time and can alert you to any medical concerns as they arise. Your pet’s health and comfort are always our top priority! We offer flexible booking and special pricing for first­-time clients.

A well-groomed pet is a happy pet.

Without proper grooming, dogs and cats can suffer from skin problems, ear infections, and other issues, so as a pet parent keeping up with your furbaby’s grooming needs is essential.  In addition to ensuring that your pet looks and smells great, routine grooming offers a number of health benefits.

Get the best care for your best friend.

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