Large Animal Medicine

We have the knowledge and expertise to work with

such as cattle and horses. Like any animal, they require a wide range of routine services. They need special care, though, and their large size may make it difficult to simply drive them to the vet’s office like you would your cat or dog.


We offer large animal medicine in Chino Valley and throughout the surrounding communities to ensure that your farm animals receive the same level of high-quality care as your companion animals.

Our veterinary team’s expertise extends beyond standard domestic pets such as cats and dogs; we can also treat your large animal companions. We are dedicated to all the members of your animal family and have the ability to provide quality care to your large animals, including horses and cattle. 

Our standard large animal medicine services include vaccinations (such as rabies), wellness exams, disease testing, deworming, reproduction consultation, surgery, internal medicine, and equine dental and hoof care. We can also provide health certificates for interstate travel and sales (upon request).

Get the best care for your best friend.

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