Dog and Cat Vaccinations
in Prescott Valley, AZ

Pet vaccinations provide necessary protection from serious disease and illness in Yavapai County. At Chino Valley Animal Hospital, we provide dog and cat vaccinations as part of your pet’s care beginning when they first become a patient at our hospital. These immunizations protect your pet and your family from potentially harmful diseases and help ensure happier, healthier pets.

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The Importance of Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Chino Valley

Vaccines are essential to every pet’s health, including pets that spend most of their time indoors. We recommend scheduling vaccination appointments for your pet twice a year, but your veterinarian can make a tailored recommendation depending on your dog or cat’s age and vaccination history. Without these vaccinations, your pet is susceptible to diseases that may be fatal, and can potentially spread to your human family as well. Staying up to date on your pet’s immunizations can ensure you, your family, and your furry friends live safe and healthy lives side by side.

Vaccines We Offer

At Chino Valley Animal Hospital, we offer specific vaccinations depending on the species of your pet. We recommend some shots for all pets, while others may be optional based on you and your pet’s lifestyle. Your veterinarian will create a vaccine plan and schedule that provides your pet with the best possible protection.

We offer the following pet vaccinations:


This vaccine protects canines from a variety of diseases, and will be given along with your pet’s puppy shots at six to eight weeks of age. A booster vaccine is administered every three to four weeks until your dog is 16 weeks old, once more a year later, and then every three years following that to ensure maximum protection.

This infectious disease mainly affects your dog’s respiratory system. The vaccine is administered through your dog’s nose during their first visit to our animal hospital as a puppy, and then three to four weeks later as an injectable dose. Every subsequent dose will switch between an intranasal and injectable dose.

Leptospirosis is a potentially fatal bacterial disease that can affect dogs and humans, causing liver and kidney damage. This disease is transmitted through infected wild animals, urine, or water. To ensure proper protection, we recommend dogs receive this vaccine through two initial doses three weeks apart and then every year after that.

The rabies shot in Yavapai County is required by law for all dogs. They will receive this vaccine along with their puppy shots around 12 weeks old, once again a year later, and then every three years following. Rabies can spread into the brain and spinal cord of infected mammals and become deadly if left untreated, so prevention is vital to protecting your family and your companion.


Feline leukemia virus attacks your cat’s immune system and may cause various cancers. We recommend cats receive this vaccine nine weeks of age to ensure they are properly protected. It’s not unusual for pets affected with this disease to be asymptomatic until it has already progressed. We will administer this vaccine a year after your cat’s second set of immunizations and then once every three years.

This vaccine is strongly recommended for all domesticated pets, including cats. This disease infects the brain and spinal cord of humans and cats and can be deadly if prompt treatment is not provided. We recommend cats receive their rabies shot in Yavapai County when they are 12 weeks old and then again once a year.

This cat vaccine protects against a range of highly contagious diseases that may wreak havoc on your cat’s respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. We recommend all cats receive the FVRCP vaccine with their kitten shots at three weeks old and again every three weeks until they are 16 weeks old. Once their kitten shots are finished, we administer a booster again a year later, and every three years after for the best protection.

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