When Do Dog Teeth Fall Out? A Guide to Puppy Teething 

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We all know the joys of a new puppy: the wagging tails, the soft fur, and oh, those tiny, sharp teeth! But what’s the scoop on puppy teething? When do those baby teeth make way for adult chompers? Today, we’re diving into this adorable yet sometimes challenging stage of your fur baby’s life. Got questions about your puppy’s dental health? Please call us at (928) 636-4382 to make an appointment, or you can request an appointment online.

Understanding the Puppy Teething Timeline

The Arrival of Baby Teeth 

Your puppy isn’t born with teeth; they start appearing when your little one is about 3 weeks old. These baby teeth, also called deciduous teeth, are razor-sharp and there for a reason: they help your pup learn how to eat solid food!

The Transition to Adult Teeth 

Come the age of 4-6 months, your fur baby will start getting their adult teeth. This is usually when you’ll notice some teeth falling out, making room for the big kid teeth to come in.

Signs Your Puppy is Teething

Increased Chewing 

Puppies love to chew on, well, just about everything. But during teething, you’ll notice they’re basically chewing machines! They’re not being naughty; it’s their way of relieving gum discomfort.

Drooling and Drool Spots 

Got a little drool monster? Increased drooling is another common sign of teething. While some breeds are naturally more “drooly,” excessive drool can be a teething tip-off.

How Vet Visits Help with Puppy Teething

Regular Dental Check-ups 

It’s always a good idea to get your pup’s teeth checked out by a vet. We can confirm that everything’s going smoothly and even catch any potential issues before they become problems.

Professional Recommendations 

During these dental check-ups, your vet can recommend specific chew toys or dental care products that can make your pup’s teething phase easier on both of you.

Creating a Dental Care Plan 

Long-term dental health starts early! During your vet visits, we can create a tailored dental care plan that will help keep those future adult teeth strong and healthy.

When to Consult the Vet About Teething Issues

Unusual Teething Symptoms 

If your pup is showing signs like reluctance to eat, foul-smelling breath, or bloody gums, it’s time to consult a vet. These could be symptoms of dental issues that require professional attention.

Missing Teeth 

If your puppy is older than 8 months and still has some baby teeth, it’s time to schedule a vet appointment. Retained baby teeth can cause problems with the alignment of adult teeth.

Call Chino Valley Animal Hospital Today

Puppy teething is an exciting, albeit sometimes messy, part of your dog’s life. As the loving pet parent that you are, understanding this phase can make the journey much more comfortable for your fur baby—and for your furniture!

Got more questions or want to schedule that all-important dental check-up for your pup? Give us a call at (928) 636-4382 or request an appointment online. We at Chino Valley Animal Hospital are always here to make sure your fur baby’s smile stays bright and healthy!

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